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Welcome to Movin’ Up!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me.

I understand and appreciate that time is an exceptionally valuable commodity in all our lives so I shall do my best to give you some insight into who I am in a timely fashion.
A REALTOR SHOULD be hard working, honest, loyal, and dedicated… that should be a GIVEN. Our JOB is to be all those things, those aren’t special skills. They are traits & skills that a true professional ( in any field ) lives and breathes without thought.So instead elaborating on those types of things, I will take this time to share a bit more about who Richelle Plumstead REALLY is.

I began my Real Estate Career in 2000… back when we had PAGERS ( imagine that ), bag phones ( yikes ) and sharing MLS listings with buyers was handing them a huge Sears like catalogue to look through. Almost like walking uphill in snowstorms to school ha-ha! I happen to LOVE change and embrace challenges so for me this journey into technology, videos & enhanced marketing has been both exciting and honestly a bit daunting at times BUT providing YOU with the most advanced services is something I am passionate about.

I truly believe that my role as a Realtor is NOT about me, it’s about YOU. I chose this career ( or it chose me ) because I believe that I was born with the personality, intelligence & patience to properly serve those who need me in a way that we can all feel great about our accomplishments. In real estate it’s about creating a powerful partnership with both of us moving forward towards the same common goal, whether that be selling or buying real estate. Both very unique positions that benefit from experience.

I also believe that your belief and trust in me is something to be taken very seriously and with a huge feeling of gratitude. This is most likely going to be ONE of the if not THE largest financial decision you will make in your lifetime. That’s not something to be taken lightly! Serving you and your referrals is a VERY special gift that I have been given.

It is my belief that as a powerful team, you and I will work together to reach YOUR goals. We will have consistent communication and I PROMISE that you will ALWAYS know that YOU are my priority. YOU are the reason I wake each day full of excitement for what happens next. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!I invite you to watch my videos, visit my Facebook page ( business or personal ),

check out my LinkedIn profile or simply give me a call to gain further insights.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Movin’ Up, Movin’ Over or… Movin’ Out