Buyer’s Questions Answered in a #MovinUpMinute

1 – What is a deposit?

2 – Where do I start?

3 – How do I choose a Realtor?

4 – How much is a down payment?

5 – Do I have to choose one Realtor when buying?

6 – Why choose you?

7 – How many houses should I look at?

8 – Do I need a water test done?

9 – What does a buyer agent do?

10 – Do I HAVE to be pre-approved BEFORE looking at houses?

11 – How does a Realtor get paid?

12 – What are the deal breakers?

13 – Do I need a Realtor or can I buy a house on my own?

14 – Should I get a home inspection?

Seller’s Questions Answered in a #MovinUpMinute

1 – Your opinion of value is lower than I wanted, can we list higher?

2 – I am selling my house but I am also moving, should I leave it vacant or staged?

3 – What does a Realtor® do to sell my property?

4 – What can I do to stage my house?

5 – How much is the commission to sell my house?

6 – Should I have my house tested for Radon Gas?

7 – What is MLS?

8 – When is the best time to sell my house?

9 – My house is on the market, what should I do for a showing?

10 – Do property tax assessments matter?

11 – Where is the best place to invest my money when I am preparing my house for the market?

12 – I feel my house is worth more than a REALTOR thinks, can I list higher?

13 – I’m selling my house, what is my role in the process?

14 – Does experience really matter?

15 – Should I paint before I put the house on the market?