Seller’s Questions Answered in a #MovinUpMinute

1 – Your opinion of value is lower than I wanted, can we list higher?

2 – I am selling my house but I am also moving, should I leave it vacant or staged?

3 – What does a Realtor® do to sell my property?

4 – What can I do to stage my house?

5 – How much is the commission to sell my house?

6 – Should I have my house tested for Radon Gas?

7 – What is MLS?

8 – When is the best time to sell my house?

9 – My house is on the market, what should I do for a showing?

10 – Do property tax assessments matter?

11 – Where is the best place to invest my money when I am preparing my house for the market?

12 – I feel my house is worth more than a REALTOR thinks, can I list higher?

13 – I’m selling my house, what is my role in the process?

14 – Does experience really matter?

15 – Should I paint before I put the house on the market?

16 – Sellers Closing Reminders

What are the basic Services that Realtors® offer?

What are the basic Services that Realtors® offer?

Facebook, (both Personal and business pages) , Twitter, Linked In, Etc.

You SHOULD be contacted via email or phone after each viewing to relay any comments made by prospective purchasers.

Your REALTOR® SHOULD be available to other agents to answer questions and book showings, available to YOU to discuss your needs, suggestions and/or concerns and available to the general public to provide information about your property.

Our job is to negotiate incoming Offers to Purchase to obtain satisfactory and well detailed conditions until we have a firm and binding transaction and to then follow through to ensure conditions are met in a timely fashion.

You will be provided with information to determine the current market value of your property/home.

You SHOULD be provided with input on how to maximize the appeal of your property/home to potential purchasers.

A yard sign will be installed upon your property.

You will be provided a secured means to allow licensed REALTORS® access to your property/home.

Company website, Kijiji,, etc.

Upgraded Services to help you in your quest to be Movin’ Up

Upgraded Services to help you in your quest to be Movin’ Up


VIDEOSPHERE PHOTOGRAPHY – One chance to make a great first impression!
This means YOU have a PROFESSIONAL photographer and videographer, Trevor Jones, who helps us showcase your listings with amazing an presentation. Trevor’s professional photographs and incredible videos with voice over, enables me to offer a service to my clients that is by far an ELITE experience. Just watch one of my videos to see the difference!

“DDF” (Data Distribution Facility) – I don’t care WHO sells your property, My JOB is to get it SOLD.

  • Not all companies feel this way

This is definitely the road for the future and we’re on it. Maximum exposure for your property over the best rated and busiest real estate sites on the internet.

Detailed Monthly Updates
I strive to never overpromise and underdeliver. Though I can’t promise you when your property will be sold, I CAN absolutely promise that you will always know what I am doing behind the scenes to ensure maximum exposure for your property.

Feedback from showings (Goal is within 24 hours)
It’s critical as a Seller for you to know how potential buyers and other local Realtors are viewing your property. My job is to provide you with honest feedback which includes the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Together we can strategize about any concerns.

I’m never very far if you need me! I take pride in communicating often with my clients! However, I’m ALWAYS available to you for advice, to answer questions or simply just to chat about what’s happening in our market.

Each member of our RE/MAX East Coast Elite team is an experienced, FULL TIME Associate with an excellent reputation in the eyes of the public as well as our fellow REALTORS®. Every one of our Associates has real estate experience, helping our clients make the biggest financial decisions in their lives and we work TOGETHER for our valued clients.

We’re Connected WORLDWIDE
With almost 112,000 RE/MAX Realtors Worldwide our sphere of influence is the largest in the industry. Personal referrals, past clients, repeat clients and REALTORS® all across Canada.